Sunday, June 2, 2013

Live Long, Sexy and Drinking Red Wine

Check out the yummy benefits of drinking red wine!

"While your health-freak friends spend hundreds of dollars on weird miracle fruit juices, you can sit back and relax. As it happens, your red wine habit might just be the key to staying young longer.
The health benefits of red wine are greater than you might think. Besides having antioxidants, fermented foods are good for digestion and alcohol itself has also shown some surprising traits over long-term moderate use. Discover the health benefits of red wine and how much you should consume to live well."  read more...

Call me for my top four favorite "live long, sexy and strong" favorites!

Complex aromatics of plum, spices with vanilla oak tannins.

Bold and mature red wine with red fruits, oaky, spicy flavors.

 Expressive nose of red berries with a spicy and round finish.

 Flavors of black currant, green pepper, musk and spearmint in the attack.