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There aren’t a lot of industries as fun and festive as the wine biz! To get started, any adult of legal drinking age in any WineShop service area may purchase one of our affordable business kits. The business kit includes everything you need to get started, including an instant online presence, a monthly e-newsletter created for you and sent to your contacts, your first month of wine club, and several bottles of our exclusive wines to host your first tasting. 

If sharing great wine with people at private tastings sounds fun to you, WineShop At Home is probably a great match! Whiners, anti-social people, or hermits won’t enjoy this business. We’re seeking people who like to laugh and have a good time, help others, and who are open to learning about wine and sharing what they learn with others.

WineShop At Home is a young, fast-growing company and is a Napa winery. Their wines aren’t available in stores and their wine club is the 4th largest in the world. And, since the very best wines are the wines you actually get to drink, many of your customers become repeat customers because they consume the wine they buy and they want more!

It’s important to join the team of someone who has been successful and can show you how to achieve your goals. You don’t want a sponsor who’s merely enthusiastic! They’ll be rooting for you, but when you have questions on how to succeed they may not have answers. Having an experienced leader as your sponsor means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you don’t have to know everything right away to start moving toward your goals. Why not follow the proven path to success? A leader who has already been successful and demonstrated the ability to help others achieve success is priceless.

One great aspect of the WineShop At Home opportunity is that you’re “in the black” from Day One! Your business kit costs less than the value of the wine included. So, for those who think this sounds like a pretty cool business, we encourage them to buy their kit and give the business a try. When you hold a handful of wine tastings with your family and friends, you’ll quickly see whether it’s the right business for you. You can count on those close to you to give you honest feedback, you’ll get to try all the wines, and if it turns out it’s not your cup of tea – or, more likely, your glass of wine – you have no obligation. You can walk away, with money in your pocket and your investment earned back. It’s truly a no-risk opportunity to try the wine business on for size!
What does it take to start your very own WineShop At Home business? Fortunately, starting with WineShop At Home is very simple. Being successful, however, requires some additional steps.
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So, getting started is easy. But, you may ask, what does it take to be successful?
We’re glad you asked! Being successful may not be easy, but it is simple.
A Positive Attitude
A Strong Company with Exclusive Products
A Proven Leader
Give It a Try!
We are so proud of the unique opportunity WineShop At Home offers people seeking a way to make extra income according to their own schedule and goals. We even have team members earning a full-time income the fun way – pouring wine tastings on the flexible schedule of their choice.

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