Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upcoming Launch Tasting

I am so excited.  The upcoming week will be my official start week with Wine Shop at Home.  Most importantly, I am going to order the wine for my launch party!  I've started to spread the word about my new business and everyone has been incredibly excited and supportive.  I even have a couple tastings lined up.  The next few months should be lots of fun!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Chit chat, a little music, food, and great, how in the world can I combine all of this wonderfulness and make some money at the same time?  I loved being a food tour guide for the last 2 years, however the schedule wasn't flexible.  I was on the search for something new. 

One of my best of friends invited me to her house for an at home party.  Think tupperware, but they were going to show us bags.  I'm not a bag person, not enthusiastic about the party, but I like spending time with my friend and there was mention of food and wine.  I'm still not a bag person, although I did host my own party a month later and took care of some holiday shopping.  I was most intrigued by the bag consultant.  She was having fun, making it work with a family and full time career, and making a decent profit. 

That party sparked my interest and I hit the Internet.   I've stumbled on a new adventure that I think is the perfect fit for me through Wine Shop at home - conducting at home WINE tastings!  Chitty chat (check), a little music (should be fine), food (yep), and wine (most definitely) - I'm excited!!