Monday, July 30, 2012

Lucky French Cows!

Red or white with beef? Either! 

Happy French cows fed two bottles of wine a day to produce succulent gourmet ‘vinbovin’ meatSinging Cows

French cows are getting a taste of the lush life by being fed wine — the equivalent of two or three bottles a day for some cattle in the southern region of Herault.

The cattle’s owner claims it keeps them “happy,” and for the consumer, makes the meat a better-tasting product.  Chefs are also swearing by imbibing bovines.

The meat, known as “vinbovin,” has a “very special texture, beautiful, marbled and tender, which caramelizes while cooking,” Laurent Pourcel, a three Michelin-star chef, said this month, according to The Telegraph.

Winemaker Jean-Charles Tastavy added that he came up with the idea when he first provided the cows a mix of grapes, barley and hay.

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