Saturday, March 3, 2012

iPhone Wine Apps Reviewed

As part of my wine research, I looked into some good wine apps.   I'm looking for free apps, unless I see something that looks really good.  It looks like there are wine apps that help you with Search, Collect, Social/Share, Food Pairing and Events.  I am personally looking for is a way to take pics of my favorite labels to help me create a virtual wine cellar.   I go to the store and see a label I remember....unfortunately I can't remember if I liked it or if I hated it :-)

Hello Vino - free - looks like a good app for Searching and Food Pairing.  This app focused on help you with your wine shopping, pairing, and helps you save and track your favorites.  (Hello Vino has a competitor, Snooth wine pro.  It is $4.99, and doesn't look like it has good reviews).

Vintagechart+ Wine Spectator Vintage Chart - free- Searching.  Pretty cool.  Wine spectator gives you the vintage, rating, and whether your bottle should be held or ready to drink.

Natlie MacLean - Free.   I'm putting this one down for my Canadian family and friends.  Looks like you can scan the bottle and get great info on any bottle from the LCBO.  (note to Americans friends: has the BEST recipes.  Add it to your bookmarks!)

Corkbin - This is the app I REALLY want.   However, my ancient iphone won't let me download.  We have been waiting for the right time to update our phones, I'm ready!  It seems to satisfy what I was looking for- creating my virtual cellar.

WineMob - Free - connect with wine lovers!  WineMob and Letspour seem to offer similar functionality.  I am going to try, I prefer the look of their interface.


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