Sunday, April 14, 2013

What is a Wine Consultant? What do you do exactly?

Every wonder about what it is I do?  Take a read from the Huffington Post...

WineShop At Home, a company with a mission to take the intimidation out of learning about wine and the wine buying experience by holding a casual tasting in the comfort of people's homes.  Think of it as a Tupperware party for wine.  Yes there is a sales pitch, but it's a soft sell.  You get to try before you buy.  No one is judging your knowledge about wine or what you're tasting in the glass.  It's all about being in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages enjoying wine rather than analyzing it.
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This has been great year for me with WineShop.  Let me know if you know of anyone looking to make a little extra money with a fun and flexible job.

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